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0.91'' OLED Smart Bluetooth Bracelet with Pedometer Sleep Monitor
0.91'' OLED Smart Bluetooth Bracelet with Pedometer Sleep Monitor

1. Pedometer

2. Sleep Monitoring
3. Bluetooth
4. Stopwatch
5. 32 hours standby
6. Low Radiation
7. Support Androd 3.0
8. Bluetooth 2.0
9. OLED display
10. Lithium battery 90mAh
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Display Screen  0.91“ inch  OLED
Size 43mmx17.1mm
Strap color  Black, blue,  Tender green, rose red
Weight 31g
Charging port tail plug NOKIA Standard
Ring thickness Net thickness 9.22mm
Lithium battery Rated capacity of 80AMH
Standby time 36 hours
Application system Android
The Bluetooth standard 2.1+EDR
Standard configuration
1*host (built-in battery)
1*of this manual
1*charging line
1*packing box
Pedometer Can whenever and wherever possible to step, View the current training situation and remaining unfinished step number
Sleep Monitoring Intelligent monitoring to sleep at night, Up in the morning can see sleep last night,There will be five diagram , ( Said sleep is very poor ), ( Said poor sleep ),( Said sleep usually ), (Said sleep good ),  (According to sleep very well).
Bluetooth smart wristband via Bluetooth to sync to a jelly APP,Energy consumption, sleep data at a glance 
Stopwatch May at any time enter the Stopwatch, Test, check the current run time
Double bright screen In the screen off state,Double click the bracelet screen, Bracelet screen can  be bright screen, Convenient to view the current standby time or step.
Long standby Long standby time of 36 hours, When the battery is low , Charge two hours only, Can be filled, Fast and convenient.
language Chinese+English
Low radiation Advanced low radiation design ,Does not cause any harm to the body!